About Me


My message is simple. I think you are a dope individual. I may not know you but I believe in  you! And if I can help you boost your confidence in any way, no matter how small, I have accomplished my goal.

I am a social worker by trade and therefore have a natural lean towards helping others. What I have noticed both in my professional life and personal life is people lack consistent support. Even the best of us need a cheerleader. I have also learned that the definition of “friend” varies depending on who you ask. Sadly,  some people do not have friends in the true sense of the word- a few down people who will be there for you, boost your ego when needed, keep it real at all times.

Why “Brooklyn Girl Next Door?” I love Brooklyn! Duh…. born and raised! I’m your round the way girl who has something positive to say through the gift of writing. The ease in my words is like talking to your neighbor or your home girl. Brooklyn Girl Next Door aims to be that voice that pushes you but without the fluff. No niceties. When you need a pick-me-up or inspo, I’m your girl. Come through and check me out!