Color Me Stressfree!

In 2019 it is all about connecting! I had the great opportunity of crossing paths with the creator of Coily Encounters. Marci is a creative as I am so I thought it fitting to introduce you to her amazing work. My gifting is in writing and her gift is in creating content to draw… cue in amazing-ness below:

Marci birthed the idea of creating coloring content that brings to life ethnic representation. One Saturday while playing with her nephew they were engaged in their favorite activity… yep, you guessed it…coloring pirates. She noticed that he was coloring his pirate in black. When she asked him why, he said, ” I want him to look like me!” A very basic, common sense answer but also very real and begs the question, where is the representation?

Now here is the twist. We all know that coloring is a fav for children. How about for adults?! Coily Encounters is for the young and young at heart. Through Coily Encounters, Marci encourages adult coloring. I, like Marci have spent quite a few days coloring with my nieces. It can be the calmest part of the day!

Research has shown that coloring has a soothing effect on the mind and body. This means I need to color every single day! When you color your brain experiences relief by entering into a meditative state. In turn your body is relieved of stress and anxiety. Its as if you are practicing mindfulness but without the need to sit still and close your eyes. While you color, there is no space to think of negative thoughts, who made you upset, or what did not work out for that day. Please pass me some coloring pencils!

Not only does coloring allow you to decompress, it is nostalgic. Nowadays, your phone is life, literally! We are attached to our phones almost every waking moment. How many of you remember coloring as a child? Playing video games? Jumping rope? Playing tag? Kids do not do these things anymore. Its actually sad. I bet if you started coloring, it would take you back to some happy times during your childhood. And guess what? Experiencing those feel good emotions takes us right back to the reduction of stress and anxiety. #Winning!

So what are you waiting for? No skills needed. You can color practically anywhere. Coily Encounters offers “Color Me Coily” which is an adult coloring book that depicts characters with natural hair. The full size book comes with a set of crayola, multi-cultural pencils. Your subjects can be any color in the melanin spectrum. The company also offers digital packages for immediate download.

Show Coily Encounters some love! Go to the website now: can follow the company on all platforms:

Instagram and Twitter: @CoilyEncounters

Facebook: CoilyEncountersColoringBook

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