Let It Go

When everything about your day lines up just right: Eat well, exercise and a good hair day?! Can we say #winning! For some, this is your every day but if you are like me, you are trying to get there. 

Holiday season and really just life has been trying to hijack my waist so I’m fighting back. My weapon of this particular day: spin class.  The onliest thing… yes I said the ONLY-EST thing that keeps me in this class is the music.  It would be nice if the bikes were more big booty friendly and accommodating to shorter riders… But for now I’ll take the torture if it means a high calorie burn.

This day was my 3rd time taking the class so now I kinda know what I’m doing and pushing a little harder. I’m working up a sweat…and looking at my hair in the mirror… as it swells to twice its size.


Great, I think to myself.  My defined curly hair is going to be an undefined bush by the end of class. Do I spin for my life or slow it down to salvage my tresses?

Being that the humidity felt like it was on 100, I thought my hair couldn’t be saved.  I spin as hard as I can as the instructor yells, “Increase the intensity! At the end of 45 minutes I felt like I accomplished something.  I went into the locker room to change and to see if I looked 5 lbs lighter. 

To my surprise… no lie… my hair looked so good.  I mean I don’t know if I was blessed by the hair gods, if my hair happens to like the humidity, or if my hair just wants to be cooperative. But it was like magic. It looked so full and the curls looked fluffy… yes, fluffy… I was amazed my damn self. I just stared for a moment. I then shook my hair wildly, testing it to see if it would revert back. It didn’t. 

When I got home, I checked again… I’m a weirdo I know but this is a big deal. I had been rocking relaxed hair since junior high! Thats 20 years. And I defied the perm naysayers by having long healthy relaxed hair. I played around with the thought of going natural for the past few years but honestly I was scared that I wouldn’t like the look. Summer time was rolling around and as routine I decided not to relax my hair for those months. Not relaxing your hair is so freeing. Less time at the salon.  No chemical burns. No worries about rain or humidity.  So I kept it going. 

Fast forward to a year later. I am doing my hair and I have the very curly roots and the long straight pieces of hair. My niece loving says, “Ew thats gross. Thats gotta go.” Cue in my older niece: “Yeah not cute. Let’s get the scissors.” My sister finishes the attack by cutting off all the straight hair… And what I thought would be a horrifying,  tearful moment, didn’t feel so bad. Different, yes. Unfamiliar, definitely. My remedy for the new feelings: Protective style. 

Now, here I am enjoying my look, the bigness of my hair, the way it curls and even the length. Really I’m not mad. Well actually I am. I could have done this so long ago. But I’m the girl who is very attached to her hair and for me length was everything. I was so scared to have short hair and could not see myself without straight hair. I held on for so long even when I was really the only non curly girl in my crew. Its not easy when 5 of your homies are like ummm you still rocking that chemically processed hair?


I think back to myself that I was really going to grow my hair out for 2 years before a big chop. I would have missed this experience and this newfound appreciation. The moral of this story is, there are times when it pays to let go.  Not only does it pay to let go but you may be happier if you do it without much thought. That thing that may concern you could be minute or completely non existent when you take that step. I am not saying it is going to be easy but it could be worth your while!

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