Show and Tell

20181209_002443So I’m sitting on the ferry today.  About 5 teens roll up and sit across from me… loud and annoying.  I was like uuugggggh… why?? Can I please just have a quiet ride home?

Then the most beautiful thing happened.

They started talking about music and their poetry. The only male in the group started a beat and one of the girls flowed with him into a sultry, rhythmic melody. He told her how beautiful her voice was. Then he took out his book and recited poetry. They unashamedly shared their pieces with one another. Biggin’ each other up each time. I couldn’t help but to ear hustle… heavy. It took me back to when I was their age and in love with writing. Now I’m finding my way back.
My annoyance quickly changed to “Yaass, yall better go head!” I’m thinking this in my head of course because I’m trying to act like I’m minding my business.  One of the girls went into a song and no lie, it hit me. As we approached the end of the trip, I had to tell them how dope they are and I did. Surprised, all of them cheesing mad hard.
Now I am feeling damn good and here is the lesson: Don’t hide your talent! Stay ready to share your gift at any time and with anyone.  Who gives a damn who’s listening and watching?! You might inspire someone!

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