2019 is around the corner and its going to be your year! Can you feel it?

Success is right there! See it! Reach for it!

Yaaaas to my Influencers, my Go Getters, my Entrepreneurs, my Kings and Queens who are trying to secure the bag. Repeat after me:

“2019 IS MY YEAR!”

The end of 2018 is quickly approaching and most of us are already thinking about our goals for the new year:

Ladies, how snatched we are going to be

Men, how you’ll put on those 20lbs of muscles

How you’ll be a business mogul seemingly overnight

How you’ll take over the world with your dope ideas

How you will crush every task you set out to do

Now is the time that our minds are turning and the excitement is building. If you’re like me, 2018 is already a thing of the past. I am already thinking of how I can level up. This means extra work… the hard kind… a shift in my already busy schedule and… yep… an investment of money. As cliche as it sounds, dreams cost. Big dreams cost even more.

Oh, let me not forget to mention they are scary as hell! If you can relate then I know you are thinking of a master plan while in the back of your mind wondering “Oh snap what if this really happens?” Its like an attack of the what ifs and the how and the when. You know you are called to do more but there’s that thing called “The Process.” No one likes it but we have to go through it… I hear you can’t avoid it…umhmm… that thing.

BUT Imma let you in on a little secret. And you don’t even have to keep it to yourself. You Got This. Yes, YOU. Tell everyone you know. Tell it to yourself every day, twice a day until it sinks in. You Got This. Isn’t that half the battle? Believing that you have what it takes to (fill in the blank). If you sike yourself out, then we will be missing out on this amazing you! Quite frankly that would be wack.

So here is what I need you to do. 1. Understand that you are already the epitome of dopeness. Who is better at being you??? No one. Duh. 2. If you can see it, it will come. Write down your vision, whatever it may be. Be as precise and detailed as possible. 3. Let it scare the mess out of you. The bigger, the scarier. I mean heart thumping, mind racing, this can really happen scary. 4. Keep it moving. Fear likes to paralyze but you aint got no time for that. Hellooo, when you blink it will be a new year. So put one foot in front of the other. You have things to do, places to go and people to meet. 5. Share the secret. Repeat it to yourself like its your favorite song. Remix it if you like. Why? If no one encourages you, can you encourage yourself? Be your biggest fan not your toughest critic.

This message is just a quick pep talk. I already believe in you. I am also encouraging myself. Can we crush 2019 together?! Can we walk into this coming year like we bout to be the baddest thing walking?!

2019 we coming for you!

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